Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carbonite Online Backups

A Real Life Saver


Recently, I was told about Carbonite - a backup solution that would provide almost instantaneous backups to web server, provided you had Internet access.

I downloaded the trial from http://www.carbonite.com to test it out and see exactly how the program runs with my computer. I was testing out CPU usage, memory usage, bandwidth usage, etc. The only real thing Carbonite used was our upload bandwidth - which wasn't much to begin with.

I have somewhere around 14 Gb of music and 3 Gb of family photos and vacation photos. I also have quite a few documents that I do not intent on re-writing, re-planning, and re-designing. The initial backup for Carbonite does take a while - I suggest leaving it on overnight or just having it connected to the Internet when you are on your computer. Once the initial backup is completed, virtually no bandwidth is used - except for a file here, and a file there being created.

One day, however, I had a problem with my hard drive. I was dual-booting Windows Vista and Linux, and somehow my files no my Vista partition had gone crazy. Needless to say, I reformatted and did a ground-up install. Fortunately, I had bought an account with Carbonite. Had I not, I would have lost hundreds of photos, and hours of ripping my CD's back onto my computer - as well as trying to figure out how to restore my online purchased music.

When Windows was re-installed, I set up Carbonite on the computer again, kept it in restore mode, and just re-downloaded all my backup files. Then I just set Carbonite to normal mode, and away I went back to work. Had it not been for Carbonite, I would have been lost.

Thank you Carbonite.

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Alison said...

Hi Jonathan,
Alison from Carbonite here. Thank you for writing about your experience with Carbonite. I'm glad that you protected your music and photos with Carbonite. I’m sorry to hear about Vista acting up on you, but am glad that you had a chance to see how easy it is to recover files when you need them. We always like to hear stories about how we were able to save our users from losing all their irreplaceable files. Glad we could help!