Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ubuntu and "Volume Shadow Copies"

I don't know if this is big information or new information - but I just read that the Ubuntu development community released and is improving an application called TimeVault. This app will act very similarly to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Vista's Volume Shadow Copy, or commonly known as "Previous Versions". It is my belief that this application will do the same thing- it will save each version of a document or file you create and modify - enabling you to go back in time and grab the version you wanted before hitting the "Save" button. If any of you are Apple fanatics, this is also similar to Time Machine on Apple's latest OSX Leopard.

So, pretty much, if you do photography, have family photos, write documents, record audio files, design graphics, etc., then this application is for you - which pretty much sums up every computer user. The technology we grow to love in Windows and Mac is now on a Linux machine, making the UI environment that much more comfortable and familiar.

Also as an aside - now that Amazon has an MP3 store and released their MP3 downloader application for Ubuntu, you also no longer need to rely on music stores like iTunes or Rhapsody to get your tunes. Amazon has what you need, in any platform, and you can use the built-in software which is compatible with almost any portable music player on the market, ranking from iPods to PlaysForSure devices.

I'll create another blog on my review of Ubuntu's TimeVault as soon as I install Ubuntu on my desktop PC here, so be expecting another blog detailing what I find interesting in the application.